Amalfi Coast

Excursion to Positano and Amalfi , Vietri and Ravello

One of the excursions we suggest is the one to Amalfi coast. Among the places to visit for trekking lovers is the ‘Sentiero degli Dèi’ (Gods’ pathway). It is a 7 km long naturalisic pathway along the coastal strip.

We also recommend to visit Amalfi and its particular architecture. Amalfi centre is dominated by Sankt Andrew’s Cathedral and its imposing stairs. In town there are two important museums: Museo dell’Arsenale and Museo della Carte. A fundamental stop on the coast is  Vietri sul Mare with its art of Vietri ceramics.

Very beautiful is Ravello with Villa Rufolo.  You cannot miss Positano, the pearl of the Amalfi coast; in each corner you can find shops selling local products and cloths

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